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Learning Programmes

End Point Assessment

The Colleges' Partnership is a registered end point assessment organisation having been assessed as being suitable to conduct independent assessment of apprentices. Employers of apprentices can select an organisation from the EPA register to conduct independent end-point assessment of their apprentices. Only registered organisations such as The Colleges' Partnership are eligible to conduct independent end-point assessment of apprentices.

Professional Qualifications

We have a successful track record in the management of vocational, on the job training programme throughout the UK and Europe, which have been proven to open lines of communication, drive performance and prompt a healthy flow of new ideas for business development and quality assurance.


Apprenticeships offer the opportunity to learn and gain formal recognition of skills whilst working. The range and variety of apprenticeship schemes in the UK is vast and there is almost certainly something suitable to support all career paths. Apprenticeships follow a structured and agreed learning path, determined between the apprentice, the employer and the skills council.

In Numbers

4,000 Apprentices on Programme

92% Functional Skills Pass Rate

94% Learner Satisfaction